H2FC SUPERGEN 2019 Conference: The vision for H2FC in the UK


30 Jan – 01 Feb 2019,  University of Warwick

We are pleased to announce that the H2FC SUPERGEN 2019 Conference will be held from 30 Jan – 01 Feb 2019 at the University of Warwick. Join us at the most significant annual gathering of hydrogen and fuel cell researchers and industrialist in the United Kingdom.

Bringing together the entire hydrogen and fuel cell research community, inspiring collaboration and driving innovation.

Hydrogen and and Fuel Cells are gaining increasing levels of attention from both industry and governments in the UK and globally. This conference will bring together key international experts from academia and industry, and key figures in the UK government, to present a vision for hydrogen and fuel cells in UK. 

The whole conference will be composed of key-note presentations on technology, policy and industry activities around the world. We invite researchers and students to participate and present posters at this conference –  abstracts submission and registration will be open soon.



Call for Abstracts


We invite researchers and students to attend and present posters also  please send a 1-page Abstract to h2fcsupergen.conf@imperial.ac.uk by 30th November 2018 if you wish to present a poster. Please specify which of the the themes below apply to your poster abstract in your submission, or if other.


  • Theme 1: Hydrogen Production
  • Theme 2: Hydrogen Storage
  • Theme 3: Fuel Cells (SOFCs, PEFCs, AFCs)
  • Theme 4: Hydrogen/Fuel Cell Systems and Applications
  • Theme 5: Hydrogen Safety
  • Theme 6: The role of hydrogen and fuel cells in the energy system
  • Theme 7: Policy, economic and social aspects of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies




Day 0, 30 Jan, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm:
Registration, welcome reception and dinner
Day 1, 31 Jan, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm:
Key-note presentations and poster presentations, followed by conference dinner
Day 2, 01 Feb, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm:
Key-note presentations and closing


The full conference programme will be available soon


Registration is now open, please follow this link to register!

Conference packages:

–          Student: £150

–          NON- Student : £250

This is a residential conference largely funded by the H2FC Hub. The registration fee includes accommodation and all meals for the duration of the conference (2 nights and two days) for 150 people. Please book early to secure a room. Once this quota is full you will be required to make your own accommodation reservations.

Day 0: Wednesday 30th January – Bed & breakfast (reception drinks & dinner)

Day 1: Thursday 31st January – Full day conference and bed and breakfast + Conference Dinner

Day 2: Friday 1st February – Full day conference


Speakers include:

  • Prof. John Vohs (University of Pennsylvania, USA): Engineering the nanostructure of SOFC electrodes for enhanced performance.
  • Chris Stark (Committee on Climate Change, CEO): Scenarios for hydrogen deployment and UK Policy.
  • Dr David Hart (E4tech, Director): The global drive for hydrogen and fuel cells
  • Dr Graham Cooley  (ITM Power, CEO): Electrolysers: progress in the UK and globally
  • Jan Wegener (NOW GmbH, Programme Manager Europe): Developments in green hydrogen production and use in Germany
  • Deborah Jones (Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier, Director): Grand challenges, key developments and future requirements for fuel cell and electrolyser materials
  • Dr Rachael Rothman (University of Sheffield): High temperature hydrogen production and carbon dioxide utilisation
  • Nigel Holmes (Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, CEO): Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Scotland: current activities and future plans

Members of the H2FC Management Board will present on key developments and and provide a vision for hydrogen and fuel cells in their respective areas: Prof. John Irvine (SOFCs); Prof Anthony Kucernak (PEFCs); Prof. Ian Methcalfe (Hydrogen Production);  Prof. Vladimir Molkov (Hydrogen Safety); Prof. Tim Mays (Hydrogen Storage).

Prof. John Vohs

Prof. John Vohs

Professor of Chemical Engineering
University of Pennsylvania, USA

Chris Stark

Chris Stark

Committee on Climate Change

Deborah J. Jones

Deborah J. Jones

Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier

Jan Wegener

Jan Wegener

Programme Manager Europe
NOW GmbH - National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology

Dr David Hart

Dr David Hart


Dr Rachael Rothman

Dr Rachael Rothman

University of Sheffield

Dr Graham Cooley

Dr Graham Cooley

ITM Power plc

Nigel Holmes

Nigel Holmes

The Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

Prof. Robert Steinberger-Wilckens

Prof. Robert Steinberger-Wilckens

Professor in Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Research
School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham


Please note the hotel rooms for 150 delegates, which is included in the registration fee, is reserved at the conference venue.  You will be reserved a room once you register through the registration link here!

For information on venue please see Warwick Conferences website.

Information on how to get the venue is here.

The nearest airport is Birmingham International Airport, 30 minutes by taxi.