Call for Proposals: IEA Hydrogen Engagement Support Funding

Application Deadline: 30 November 2019

Place/University: IEA/UK Universities

The H2FC Hub is providing up to £5,000 for UK academics to engage with the IEA Hydrogen


Background to IEA Hydrogen

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has a large number of linked Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs) that enable international collaboration on a range of energy technologies. The  Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Programme  (Hydrogen TCP), known as IEA Hydrogen, aims to facilitate hydrogen research and knowledge transfer between member countries. Around 25 countries are members of IEA Hydrogen, including the UK. The UK Government is very keen to ensure that UK organisations, companies and academics are linked into the work of IEA Hydrogen, and that UK stakeholders play an increasing role in its activities. IEA Hydrogen has a series of tasks in which participants from member countries collaborate closely through workshops and joint reports to share information and insights for the benefit of all.

For more information on the current tasks, news and events, see the Hydrogen TCP website, or contact Dr Paul Dodds (UCL), who BEIS have appointed the UK alternate delegate for IEA Hydrogen.

Opportunities for Engagement

As part of the international collaboration activities of the H2FC Hub, we are providing up to £5,000 funding for academics/researchers to engage with the IEA Hydrogen tasks by attending or hosting meetings, workshops, events, etc. Researchers and academics working in the area of hydrogen and fuel cells (H2FC), from all UK universities, are eligible to apply for this engagement support funding to participate in the hydrogen working groups and the broader IEA hydrogen activities. The Hub specifically welcomes the organisation of UK based activities to enable the broader H2FC community in the UK to have engagement/meeting opportunities with colleagues from other IEA member countries.

Those who want to apply for this funding please email Dr Zeynep Kurban at with a 1-page proposal explaining:

  • the specific activities, meetings and/or events you intend on participating in;
  • the justification of the funding requested;
  • what the benefits of this engagement could be for your research or activities; and,
  • the expected benefits of the engagement for UK hydrogen and fuel cell research, policy and/or industry.

The funding is made available to cover travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses, and UK based activities (events and meetings), for the duration of the activity or event. This funding will be made available until 30 Nov 2018, and all expenses need to be claimed back no later than three months after the date of engagement.

We require those who are awarded the funding to report back to the H2FC Hub what the outcomes of their engagement has been by submitting a feedback form (provided by the Hub upon successful funding) up to one month after the engagement date. The Hub can enable those who attend meetings or workshops to disseminate information to the UK H2FC community more broadly.

Table 1.  Recent and ongoing IEA Hydrogen tasks

Years active
Task 29 – Distributed and Community Hydrogen 2010-2014
Task 30 – Global Hydrogen Systems Analysis 2010-2014
Task 32 – Hydrogen-based Energy Storage 2013-2018
Task 33 – Local Hydrogen Supply for Energy Applications 2013-2016
Task 34 – Biological Hydrogen for Energy and Environment 2014-2017
Task 35 – Renewable Hydrogen Production 2014-2017
Task 36 – Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment 2014-2017
Task 37 – Hydrogen Safety 2015-2018
Task 38 – Power-To-Hydrogen and Hydrogen-To-X 2015-2019
Task 39 – Hydrogen in Marine Applications 2016-2019



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