Project Manager

Dr Zeynep Kurban

zeynep-kurbanDr Zeynep Kurban manages the H2FC Supergen Hub. She obtained her EngD in Molecular Modelling and Materials Science from University College London in 2011, where she also obtained her first degree in Physics in 2006. For her EngD research Zeynep looked at developing hydrogen storage materials in a collaborative project between UCL, STFC and Oxford University. Having developed new materials IP, following research successes in her EngD, she co-founded Cella Energy Ltd. with Prof. Stephen Bennington and Dr Arthur Lovell. Zeynep is now based at the Energy Futures Lab at Imperial College London. She has a keen interest in developing sustainable energy systems with industry and sees hydrogen as a key enabler for clean energy proliferation and for decarbonising heat.

You can direct any queries you have about H2FC SUPERGEN to Zeynep or contact her if you are looking at working with the hydrogen and fuel cell research community in the UK. She can be contacted by email at: