H2FC Hub five years anniversary

We celebrated 5-years of Hub research

28th April 2017, Imperial College London


The Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (H2FC) Research Hub  has celebrated five years of research and impact at a half day event held at Imperial College London on 28th April 2017. Senior academics leading on projects in the areas of hydrogen production, storage and safety, SOFC and PMFCs, as well as energy systems, socioecomic and policy research,  presented the key achievements and the real world impact made through the research funded and coordinated by the Hub in the last five years. Industrialist on the Hub Advisory Board also provided an overview on the developments across the sector in the last five years.


A ‘Five Years Impact Report’ will be presented to all delegates at this event, and available for download online.

The talks at this event were as follow: 

  • Prof. David Hart (E4tech) – Changes in the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell landscape over the past 5 years – PLENARY Talk
  • Prof. Goran Strbac (Hubnet & Energy Storage Supergens), The role and value of energy storage and fuel cells for energy systems flexibility – PLENARY Talk
  • Dr. Paul Dodds (UCL) – Insights and impacts from four policy-focused White Papers
  • Prof. Marcus Newborough (ITM Power) – Developments in electrolyser technology in the last five years
  • Prof. Ian Metcalfe (Newcastle University) – Recent developments in hydrogen production
  • Prof. Tim Mays (University of Bath) – Hydrogen storage in solid state materials
  • Prof. Anthony Kucernak (Imperial College) – Recent developments in PEM Fuel Cells
  • Dr. Subhasish Mukerjee (Ceres Power) – Development of Ceres Power’s Steel Cell Technology: Latest Progress
  • Prof. John Irvine (University of St-Andrews) – Tailoring solid Oxide Fuel Cells