Robert Trezona

Robert Trezona is a fuel cell scientist turned investor. Having started his career as a materials scientist at Johnson Matthey he then joined Ceres Power to lead the cell team that created the world’s first steel-supported SOFC. He moved into investment via a stint at McKinsey, with a first investment role at the Carbon Trust and more recently IP Group. At Carbon Trust, Robert set up the Research Accelerator Programme, which ran national innovation competitions to select start-ups in strategic technology areas for the UK. This included the Polymer Fuel Cells Challenge which backed ITM, ACAL and the PCB fuel cell programme at Imperial and UCL. At IP Group, Robert has built the UK’s leading Cleantech investment portfolio with diverse investments in start-ups across the clean energy space. IPGroup is the largest shareholder in Ceres Power, having led its turnaround in 2012, and has recently made a seed investment in Bramble Energy.”