Arul Murugan

Position: Arul Murugan, Principal Research Scientist, National Physical Laboratory

Title: My Hydrogen Journey: From Supergen to the National Physical Laboratory

Bio: Dr Arul Murugan is a Principal Research Scientist at NPL and leads the energy gases area within the Gas Metrology Group. Arul manages the teams activities related to clean energy gases across hydrogen for vehicles and heat, hydrogen enriched natural gas, odorisation for hydrogen, biomethane and carbon capture utilisation and storage. He previously co-ordinated EMPIR Metrology for Hydrogen Vehicles and led workpackages in EMRP Biogas, and is the current co-ordinator for EMPIR Metrology for Decarbonising the Gas Grid. Arul sits on the steering committee of the EMN Energy Gases and also attends GERG, ENTSOG, IGEM, CCSA and Hydrogen London. In addition to representing NPL at CCQM Gas Analysis Working Group and EURAMET TM-MC Sub-Committee on Gas Analysis, Arul is a member of ISO TC 197, ISO TC 158, CEN TC 268, CEN TC 408, BSI PVE 3 8, BSI PTI 15 and CEN/CENELEC SFEM WG Hydrogen. Arul obtained his MEng in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London in 2008 and gained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Newcastle University in 2011, where his research with on novel hydrogen production methods. Arul is currently a Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and a Chartered Chemical Engineer.