Daniel Reed

Title: Lecturer in Materials Chemistry, University of Birmingham

Talk title: In situ investigation of hydrogen storage


Dr Daniel Reed is a lecturer in the School of Metallurgy and Materials at the University of Birmingham. From 2005-2011 I was a PhD student, and then post-doctoral researcher in the UK-SHEC Supergen programmes focusing on complex hydrides for hydrogen storage. I have continued to work within the hydrogen storage, purification and isotope separation, where I am now on the management board for the Sustainable Hydrogen (SusHy) centre for doctoral training. The focus of my research has been the lab based in situ characterisation of materials to understand reactions and interactions with hydrogen, phase transition and the impact of impurities and prolonged cycling. My research has grown to other areas of energy materials research and recovery and recycling of battery materials, where I am the academic project lead for the faraday institution ReLiB programme.