Prof. Kevin Kendall

Kevin Kendall has studied fuel cells for 40 years, publishing 3 books and hundreds of papers. His main interest has been SOFCs.  He invented the microtubular SOFC in 1994, demonstrating that rapid start-up could be achieved in less than one minute. Eight companies have been commercialising this invention for use in portable power supplies.

He started hydrogen fuel cell activities in Birmingham as Professor at the University in 2000.  By 2008 Dr Kendall had installed the first hydrogen station at the University of Birmingham, with 5 hydrogen fuel cell cars running on campus.  He initiated the EU SWARM project in 2011 with Dr Steinberger-Wilckens and Ben Madden, leading to the installation of the Birmingham hydrogen station with 20 PEMFC buses delivered soon.

In 2009, Dr Kendall was awarded the largest hydrogen fuel cell training project in the UK, supporting 100 PhD students at Birmingham University, in cooperation with Nottingham and Loughborough Universities.  This project has continued through 2018 and remains the largest Doctoral Training Centre for Hydrogen Fuel Cells in the UK.

In 2015, Dr Kendall started a project with industry in China to clean up cities. Asia is ahead in both SOFC and PEMFC applications, although subsidies are still necessary. There are now about 100 times more ‘London H2 Buses’ in Foshan than in London. His aim is to promote collaboration by working in China and making contacts between interested players.

Dr Kendall was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1993.