Paul Shearing

Position: Professor, Dept of Chemical Engineering, University College London

Title: Reflections on SUPERGEN – 10 years on 

From 2006 to 2011 I was a PhD student, and then a post-doctoral researcher at Imperial College under the auspices of the H2FC Supergen programme. I will briefly reflect on my experiences, and explore how the programme informed my future work, network of collaborators and research philosophy.


Paul Shearing is a Professor in Chemical Engineering at University College London where he holds The Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Battery Technologies. His research interests cover a broad range of electrochemical engineering themes with a particular interest in the relationship between performance and microstructure for energy materials.

He co-directs UCL’s Electrochemical Innovation Lab and leads the UK STFC Global Challenge Network in Batteries and Electrochemical Devices. He was a founding investigator of the UK’s Faraday Institution, where he chairs the Training & Diversity Panel, is PI of the LiSTAR programme investigating Li-Sulfur battery technologies and the SAFEBATT programme on battery safety.