Qiong Cai

Position: Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, University of Surrey

Title: Electrode materials for anion exchange membrane fuel cells and electrolysers


Dr Qiong Cai is a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the University of Surrey. She completed her MEng degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Tsinghua University (China) and PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Edinburgh (UK). Before embarking on an independent academic career at University of Surrey (UK) in 2012, she carried out postdoctoral research at Imperial College London working on electrochemical energy devices. Her current research focuses on multi-scale materials design for energy conversion and storage applications including electrolysis hydrogen production, fuel cells, batteries, and CO2 conversion. Her research has been funded by EPSRC (EP/M027066/1, EP/R021554/1&2), H2FC SUERGEN Hub (EP/J016454/1), and Faraday Institution (EP/S003053/1, Grant FIRG014). She has supervised 5 postdocs and 10 PhD students as the primary supervisor and has published over 70 peer-reviewed research articles.