Presentations from the H2FC Research Forum, Sept 2016

The 4th H2FC SUPERGEN Hub Research Forum was hosted by Professor John Irvine at the University of St-Andrews, September 2016. Twenty-two leading researchers from Universities across the United Kingdom presented the latest developments in their projects funded by or through the Hub. The presentations from this Forum have been made available for download (see below). They can also be found under the relevant Research Projects pages, where more information on the projects is made available.

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Hydrogen Production

Biohydrogen production by fermentation and bioelectrolysis

Alan Guwy and Jaime Massanet-Niccolau, University of South Wales . PART 1
Alan Guwy and Jaime Massanet-Niccolau, University of South Wales. PART 2.

Hydrogen Storage

Engineering for solid hydrogen

Dr Valeska Ting, University of Bristol

Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Electrolysers

Development, fabrication and testing of direct flame solid oxide fuel cells

Prof Shanwen Tao et al, Universities of St Andrews, Warwick and Strathclyde

Control of structure, strain and chemistry: a route to designer fuel cell interfaces

Dr Ainara Aguadero, Imperial College London (PI: Prof Stephen Skinner)

Electrodes by design – microstructural engineering of high performance electrodes for SOFCs

Prof Nigel Brandon, Imperial College London

Tailoring the microstructural evolution in impregnated SOFC electrodes

Prof John Irvine, The University of St Andrews

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Safety

Integrated safety strategies for onboard hydrogen storage

Prof Vladimir Molkov and Dr Dmitriy Makarov, University of Ulster

Adsorbent polymer liners in Type IV hydrogen storage

Dr Katarzyna Polak-Krasna, University of Bath (scroll down for presentation)

Integrated safety strategies for onboard hydrogen storage systems

Zaki Saldi and Jennifer Wen, University of Warwick (scroll down for presentation)

Policy and Socio-Economics

H2FC white paper on energy security

Prof Robert Steinberger-Wilckens, University of Birmingham

Definition of a UK green hydrogen standard

Dr. Paul Dodds and Dr. Antonio Velazquez Abad
Dr. Paul Dodds and Dr. Antonio Velazquez Abad, University College London

Hydrogen’s value in the energy system

Prof. Paul Ekins and Dr. Paul Dodds, University College London

Energy Networks and Value Chains

Advisory Board Talks

Hydrogen and fuel cell activities in Scotland

Nigel Holmes, Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association