Dr Christian Walter, Sunfire, Germany

Plenary session 1B: Dr Christian Walter, Sunfire, Germany

Topic: Status of SOEC and SOFC activities at Sunfire

Speaker: Dr Christian Walter, Head of Stack Development and Testing Sunfire

Date/Time: Monday 17 February, 11:40

Bio: Dr. Christian Walter studied physics at the TU Dresden and received his diploma with the specialization of solid-state sciences in 2008. After this, he obtained his PhD at the INP Greifswald working on catalysts for PEM fuel cells. He joined Sunfire in 2013 and was responsible for the stack module development before he became the head of the stack development and testing department in 2016.

Abstract: Sunfire commercially distributes products for various markets (SOFC, SOEC and Co-SOEC) with its stack and system technology. To achieve an ideal trade-off between cost, performance, and degradation for its customers, Sunfireā€™s stack design is continuously being improved. Furthermore, automation and scale-up processes need to be carried out. This talk will focus on recent achievements and challenges of stack as well as system development.