Delivering Negative Emissions From Biomass Derived Hydrogen

This white paper evaluates whether biomass-derived hydrogen with carbon capture and storage (BHCCS) could possibly deliver net negative CO2 emissions, making comparisons against the other bioenergy with CCS (BECCS) technologies that generate electricity and heat.

  • Indigenous sources of biomass in the UK can provide a total of 56 million tonnes per year of net negative CO2 emissions, without the need to import biomass.
  • BHCCS can play a major role in meeting the UK’s negative emissions targets and provide a substantial contribution to the UK’s energy system.
  • BHCCS has the potential to produce up to 74 TWh of hydrogen, equivalent to 11% of the UK’s transport demand in 2030.
  • It is more cost-effective to deploy BHCCS alongside other BECCS technologies. By enabling flexibility to deploy multiple technologies, it was possible to achieve profitable scenarios.

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