Dr Stuart Hawksworth, HSE, UK

Plenary speaker 3A: Dr Stuart Hawksworth, HSE, UK       

Topic: Safety of Hydrogen in the Energy System

Speaker: Dr Stuart Hawksworth, Head of HSE’s Centre for Energy and Major Hazards

Date/Time: Tuesday 18 February, 08.30

Bio: Dr Stuart Hawksworth has worked in the area of Safety for 25 years, fulfilling several roles at the Health and Safety Executive’s Laboratory in Buxton in the UK. In the area of Hydrogen Safety, he has led and participated in a range of programmes, covering hydrogen vehicle refuelling safety, safety of hydrogen in the nuclear industry, and is currently involved in a number of activities supporting the UK gas industry and government regarding the introduction of hydrogen into the UK gas network. He is the President of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety (IAHYSAFE) and a task leader in the European Hydrogen Safety Panel.

Abstract: This presentation will consider the safe use of hydrogen across different applications both established and anticipated. In doing so it will highlight key safety priorities and work ongoing in the UK and internationally to address these.