Northern Irish-Chinese Conference

21-22 April, 2016

Hangzhou, China

Registration £150 (£90 students)

The International Conference “Hydrogen Bridge: Safety of High-Pressure Hydrogen Storage” is organised by Ulster University (Northern Ireland, UK) and Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China), and will be held in Hangzhou. The Conference will bring together scientists and practitioners in the field of high-pressure tank design and manufacturing with emphasis on development of safety strategies and engineering solutions for hydrogen storage and applications.

The conference programme covers strategies and recent progress in safety of onboard hydrogen storage; recent achievements in thermal protection of composite cylinders; novel solutions to increase fire resistance beyond car fire duration; advances in modelling and simulation of composite tank performance under combined pressure and fire load; review and development of regulations, codes and standards; analysis of available thermal protection methods.

The conference programme, registration form, travel directions and other details may be downloaded at H2Bridge Conference programme.