All-Energy in Aberdeen

H2FC Supergen are delighted to announce that their Annual Conference will take place in conjunction with All-Energy in Aberdeen 21-22 May 2013 and it is open to all. The two-day conference will encompass a wide range of areas within Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research.

On Tuesday 21st May, H2FC Supergen will hold a day-long session at the AECC in advance of All-Energy at the AECC in Aberdeen. Please complete to following form to register. This day will focus more on academic aspects of Hydrogen and Fuel cell research and our agenda (see below) consists of top UK academics. It will take place in room Crombie A.

The 2nd day , on Wednesday 22nd May, will be  part of All-Energy 2013, to which all visitors and exhibitors of All-Energy are welcome without the need to register in advance. This day will consist of a series of talks by key industrial speakers (see below for agenda). It will take place in room 18. You can register for All-Energy here.

Registration is free and open to all. You can also email Dr Chloe Stockford at to register and for any queries.

Provisional Agenda:

Day 1: Tuesday 21st May: Science Day (Crombie A, AECC)

A series of research led presentations from key academics in the UK

10:00   – 10:30

Arrival  & Registration (coffee on arrival)

10:30   – 10:55

Dr Paul   Dodds, UCL –  UK Policy Challenges for Hydrogen

10:55   – 11:20

Dr Shelia Samsatli, Imperial – Multi-Time Scale   Modelling and Analysis of the Future Hydrogen Supply chain

11:20   – 11:35

Tea & Coffee

11:35   – 12:00

Professor Ian Metcalfe, Newcastle  – Chemical production of hydrogen with   in-situ separation

12:00   – 12:25

Professor  Alan Guwy, Glamorgan – Integrated   biological hydrogen production

12:25   – 12:50

Professor  John Irvine, St Andrews  – Steam and CO2   Solid Oxide Electrolysis

12:50 – 13:30


13:35   – 14:00

Professor   Shanwen Tao,  Strathclyde –  Ammonia   production for renewable energy storage

14:00   – 14:25

Dr David  Book, Birmingham –  Materials for Hydrogen   Storage and Separation

14:50   – 15:15

Professor Bill David ,STFC/Oxford – In-situ   neutron and X-ray scattering measurements of reversible hydrogen storage   materials

15:15   – 15:40

Professor  Anthony Kucernak,  Imperial – PEMFC electrodes

15:40 – 16:00

Tea & Coffee 

16:00   – 16:25

Dr Lisa  Jackson, Loughborough – Robust   Lifecycle Design and Health Monitoring for Fuel-Cell Extended Performance

16:25   – 16:50

Dr Dan   Brett,  UCL – Measurement and effect of dimensional change in polymer  electrolyte fuel cells

16:50   – 17:15

Professor   Vladimir Molkov Ulster – Progress and  issues in use of hydrogen and fuel cell systems indoors

17:15   – 17:30

Close of Meeting

Day 2: Wednesday 22nd May (Room 18, AECC)

A series of technology led presentations from key industry and    academic players in the UK and internationally

Session 1

11:00   – 11:30

Professor David Hart, ETech – Keeping the   Hydrogen Option open: Essential UK Policy

11:30   – 12:00

David Yorke, TfL (London H2 bus programme) – The Future is Now – An Overview of the London Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Project

12:00-   12:30

Dennis Hayter, Intelligent Energy – Fuel Cell   developments at IE and progress with UK H2 Mobility

12:30 – 14:00 – Session Break

Session 2

14:00   – 14:30

Ben Madden, Element energy – Hydrogen for   transport and low carbon energy systems

14:30   – 15:00

Dr Tim Mays Bath – Progress in Hydrogen Storage in Energy Applications: Challenges and Opportunities

15:00   – 15:30

Michael Penev NREL – Hydrogen Energy Storage

15:30 – 16:00 – Session Break

Session 3

16:00   – 16:30

Klaus  Stolzenburg, Planet-Energie  – Large Wind-Hydrogen Plants: Potential for   success in Germany?

16:30   – 17:00

Christopher  Small, ENERTRAG Wind 2 Hydrogen –   The Energy Storage Solution

17:00   – 17:30

Professor Nigel  Brandon, Imperial, Trends in fuel cell mCHP