H2FC SUPERGEN features on Blue Peter!

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered guitar that made its debut at the H2FC  SUPERGEN BBQ last month featured on iconic children’s TV Show Blue Peter.

Blue Peter hosts Barney Harwood and Lindsey Russell talk about the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Guitar

Michael Parkes, a PhD student at Imperial College represented H2FC SUPERGEN,  by playing the  guitar that was powered by the  10 kW PEMFC-super capacitor hybrid power generator that was developed by students at Imperial College.

He was interviewed by the hosts Barney Harwood and Lindsey Russell  on Thursday 5th September  on the children’s  TV show as part of the BBCs’ Energy day.  Michael explained that the generator was developed with a view to take to music festivals as it is relatively noiseless compared to the traditional diesel generators that are used which and that the generator produced water instead of  greenhouse gases by combining Hydrogen and Oxygen.

The team that developed the generator also  included Billy Wu and Sam Cooper are all members of the H2FC SUPERGEN Hub.


The clip can be seen here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b039wywj/?t=9m39s