With the support of Arcola Energy ADL introduces hydrogen fuel cell buses to their low carbon fleet

Working with Arcola Energy, Alexander Dennis is adding hydrogen fuel cell buses to the market’s widest range of low and zero emission buses.

Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) offers the market’s widest range of low and zero emission buses and invests in research and development of new technologies to ensure it continues to support bus operators with technologies that will enable them to improve air quality and lower their carbon footprint.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology can offer long range zero emission capability if suitable infrastructure can be put in place with sustainably sourced hydrogen. This could offer particular benefits for high capacity double deck buses.

To explore the potential for this technology, ADL has been working on a hydrogen double deck bus for over two years. It is based on the market-leading Enviro400 and has been developed through extensive collaboration between ADL’s in-house Advanced Engineering teams and expert hydrogen and fuel cell system integrators Arcola Energy.

The hydrogen-powered Enviro400 has an electric driveline with axle-mounted motors. The on-board battery is charged by feeding hydrogen from secure tanks to a fuel cell system where it is converted to electricity. No external battery charging is required and the vehicle’s only emission is water vapour. 

ADL Chief Executive Colin Robertson said: “ADL continues to support bus operators across the UK by collaborating to develop new technologies that help achieve environmental and operational targets. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is part of the mix of solutions and we are delighted to now offer this option to the industry.

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The image, taken by Andrew Macintosh, shows the prototype hydrogen fuel cell powered ADL Enviro400 during trials. When used, please credit the image to Andrew Macintosh.

About Arcola Energy

Arcola Energy is a systems engineering company and Tier 1 supplier specialised in hydrogen, fuel cells, and batteries.

The company was founded to address the “deployment gap” between ever-evolving clean energy technologies and end-user needs. Through 10 years of working with leading players across government, industry and academia we have built strong relationships and a deep understanding of the technologies, companies, market opportunities and potential pit-falls in this fast-changing industry.

We help our clients to develop the right technology, supply-chain and after-market solutions, avoiding costly mistakes and aiming to delight our respective customers. We have a collaborative approach, building long-term partnerships with and between our clients, suppliers and end-customers.

Being privately owned, we offer a truly independent view of the industry and are able to flex our offerings to suit evolving client needs throughout the product life-cycle. Our independence also allows us to focus on what we believe in – products which make a positive contribution to society, delivered with total commitment to quality, safety and compliance.

Source of news: Alexander Dennis