AFC Energy’s KORE fuel cell reaches landmark operation in Stade, Germany

AFC Energy, the industrial fuel cell power company and a partner to the H2FC SUPERGEN has announced its success in comissioningthe operation of its first KORE fuel cell system in Stade, Germany.

This milestone is said to mark the achievement of nearly a decade’s investment in the AFC fuel cell system which, when fully operational in late 2015, will be the world’s largest alkaline fuel cell system operating at an industrial facility selling power into the national electricity grid.

Following a week long commissioning of the fuel cell system at Stade, AFC’s team on-site were able to affirm the safety and integrity of the system and introduced hydrogen into the fuel cells on Friday, 31st July 2015, to achieve a peak output of 7.56kW from a single operational cartridges (one of 24), with this cartridge intentionally operating at less than full capacity as envisaged within the POWER-UP commissioning programme.

The results reflect an historic achievement on two levels: firstly, not only AFC has delivered on its commitment to deliver a minimum 7.5kW from the system at the commencement of Phase 1 of the programme; but this achievement has been delivered within a timeframe (end of July 2015) which was arguably one of the most aggressive set within the company’s history and demonstrates the ability of the company to deliver on its commitment to its shareholders and the market in general both as to time and cost.

This achievement further validates the prospect for long-term technical and commercial viability of the company’s alkaline fuel cell technology, whilst also establishing a positive precedent, in this prototype installation, that AFC’s first major industrial project is on track to achieve its future significant milestones.

Adam Bond, AFC’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “Today marks one of the proudest moments in AFC’s history. For the first time, the company’s research and development programme of the past decade has commenced commercial operations. This is a remarkable achievement delivered in record time and in a first class collaborative effort across all involved.”

For more information see the source: AFC Energy News