BEIS contract: ‘Understanding the costs and technical potential of hydrogen for heat in the UK energy sector’

Consultation closes Monday 30th January 2017

Contract starts 20th February 2017

Contract closes 30th June 2017

BEIS is looking for bidders to fill an open contract, to improve its modelling capability in the field of hydrogen infrastructure modelling. In order to do so will require:

  1. An assessment of existing evidence for the hydrogen supply chain
  2. The development of a hydrogen infrastructure tool

The first part of this project would gather evidence on all parts of the hydrogen supply chain, assessing the certainty we have in these assumptions for a UK context.

The second part of this project will involve a hydrogen infrastructure tool. This tool must include the functionality to be able to model:

  • Varied geographical and temporal demand
  • Intermittency of renewable energy sources
  • Transport and storage of resources

This is likely to require:

  • High level of temporal detail
  • High level of spatial detail

The final stage of this project will be to incorporate the evidence into the hydrogen infrastructure model.

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