H21 Leeds City Gate Project report launches

As we reported in April, the city of Leeds has been looking into making a radical commitment to hydrogen for heating and cooking. The csae has been laid out in the H21 Leeds City Gate project report, which is to be launched in London on Monday 11th July. The event will show a short film, showcase the results of the project, and aim to answer the following questions:

  • Is it practically possible and economically viable to decarbonise the UK gas grid with hydrogen?
  • When could conversion take place – in Leeds and then across all major UK cities?
  • What contribution would nationwide roll out of green hydrogen make to overall UK-wide emissions reduction?
  • Would there be any impact on customers’ bills and how might any increase be managed?
  • What would be the implications for household gas appliances and how would any conversion be accomplished with minimum disruption?
  • How would a secure source of hydrogen be established to supply heat for UK cities?

Attendance is free. To find out more and reserve your place, please visit our event page.