Webinar: Net zero governance in a post-COP26 world

Following their recent submission on behalf of the Supergen Bioenergy Hub and the University of Nottingham Energy Institute to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee call for evidence on Net Zero Governance, Alison Mohr and Mirjam Roeder will lead a webinar on 30 November interrogating the evidence submitted and discussing their recommendations.

To deliver cross-Government climate action at the pace and scale needed to meet the net zero target, the evidence submission argues that governance structures must engage with and act upon context-specific societal views at multiple levels to overcome the net zero policy gap.

This webinar will examine what is needed in terms of policy support, coordination and resources at the local and regional level to ensure meaningful action and systemic change.

The event will feature presentations from:

  • Alison Mohr, independent researcher and adviser on energy systems governance (overview of net zero governance in the UK and consultation response)
  • Mirjam Roeder, Aston University (global overview and community engagement)
  • Joanna Sparks, Aston University (the role of researchers in influencing policy and inspiring action)
  • Birmingham City Councillor Lisa Trickett, Places in Common (the role of local government and community action)

Presentations will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.