The Sustainable Energy Award 2015 goes to one of the hub’s co-directors; Professor John Irvine

The H2FC SUPERGEN hub is pleased to announce that Professor John Irvine, one of the co-directors of the hub, wins this year’s Sustainable Energy Award for his outstanding and sustained contributions to low carbon energy generation, in particular the development of electrode materials for solid oxide fuel cells.

The Sustainable Energy Award is for the contributions of chemical sciences to sustainable energy. This includes development or understanding of materials and processes and the improvement of existing technologies through the application of the chemical sciences.

Professor William David, a member of the hub’s science board, also wins the Royal Society of Chemistry award; the John B Goodenough award 2015. Professor David is given this award for his development of new theoretical and experimental approaches to powder diffraction and his contributions to the understanding of structure-property relationships in important solid-state materials. The John B Goodenough Award is awarded to recognise exceptional and sustained contributions to the area of materials chemistry.

The hub congratulates both of its key scientists for this outstanding achievement.