Science Board

This board comprises of around 100 UK-based academics working in H2FC research



Dr Ainara Aguadero, Lecturer

Prof Alan Atkinson, Chair in materials chemistry

Dr Paul Fennell, Senior Lecturer

Dr Adam Hawkes, Lecturer

Dr Klaus Hellgardt, Reader

Prof Geoff Kelsall, Professor

Prof John Kilner, Professor

Prof Kang Li, Professor

Dr Greg Offer, Lecturer

Dr Stephen Skinner, Reader

Prof Nick Tyler, Professor

Prof Nick Tyler, Professor

Prof Claire Adjiman, Professor


Dr Paul Anderson, Reader

Prof Rex Harris, Professor

Dr Kyle Jiang, Professor

Dr Para Rodriguez, Lecturer

Prof Peter Slater, Professor


Dr Paolo Agnolucci, Lecturer

Dr Dan Brett, Senior Lecturer

Prof Richard Bucknall, Professor

Prof Julian Evans, Professor

Prof Xiao Guo, Professor

Dr Paul Shearing, Lecturer


Prof Rui Chen, Professor

Dr Thomas Jackson, Senior Lecturer

Dr Lisa Jackson, Lecturer

Prof W Malalasekera, Professor

Prof Rob Thring, Professor


Dr Arthur Garforth, Senior Lecturer

Dr Stuart Holmes, Senior Lecturer

Dr Konstantinos Theodoropoulos, Reader

Prof Chris Whitehead, Professor

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Prof. Paul Christiansen, Professor

Prof. Keith Scott, Professor

Prof. Mark Thomas, Professor


Prof John Andrews, Professor

Dr Carol Eastwick, Assistant Professor

Dr Ming Li, Assistant Professor

Prof David Grant, Professor

Prof Gavin Walker, Professor

Dr Darren Walsh, Lecturer


Prof Fraser Armstrong, Professor

Dr Qiong Cai, Lecturer

Prof Matt Leach, Professor

Dr Jhuma Sadhukhan, Lecturer

Prof Bob Slade, Professor

Prof John Varcoe, Professor


Professor John Dennis, Professor

Dr Bartek Glowacki, Professor

Dr Vasant Kumar, Senior Lecturer

Dr Stuart Scott, Lecturer


Dr Andre Burrows, Reader

Dr Marcelle McManus, Lecturer

Dr Valeska Ting, Lecturer


Dr Mamdud Hossain, Reader in Thermofluids and Theme Leader in Energy, Environment

Prof Bill David, Professor, STFC/ University of Oxford

Dr Martin Owen Jones, Researcher, RAL/ University of Oxford


Dr Richard Baker, Lecturer

Dr Mark Cassidy, Senior Research Fellow

Dr Paul Connor, Senior Research and Teaching Fellow


Dr Iain Burns, Lecturer

Prof Walter Johnstone, Profesor

Prof Shanwen Tao, Professor

Dr Paul Joseph, Senior Lecturer

Dr Dmitriy Makarov, Reader

Dr Svetlana Tretsiakova-McNally

Other Universities

Dr Johannes Kiefer, Lecturer, Aberdeen University
Prof. Poopathy Kathirgamanathan, Chair in Electronic Materials Engineering, Brunel University
Prof. Malcolm Eames, Professor, University of Cardiff
Prof Neil McKeown, Professor, University of Cardiff
Dr Ben Thorber, Lecturer, Cranfield University
Dr Rupert Gammon, Senior Research Fellow, De Montfort University
Prof. Rod Jones, Professor, University of Dundee
Prof. Giuliano Premier, Professor, Glamorgan University
Prof. Duncan Gregory, Professor, University of Glasgow
Dr Richard Dawson, Lecturer, Lancaster University
Dr Jung-Sik Kim, Lecturer, Loughborough University
Prof. Peter Kelly, Professor, Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Wen-Feng Lin, Reader, Queens, Belfast
Dr Carlos Fernandez, Lecturer, Robert Gordon University
Dr Mamdud Hossain, Reader in Thermofluids, Robert Gordon University
Prof. Peter Hall, Professor, Sheffield
Prof. Alan Guwy, Professor, South Wales
Dr Dennis Krammer, Lecturer, University of Southampton
Prof. Andrea Russell, Professor, University of Southampton
Dr Spyros Skarvelis-Kazakos, Lecturer, University of Greenwich
Dr Ioannis Ieropoppoulos, Associate Professor, University of Bristol
Dr Alison Parkin, Lecturer, University of York
Prof Chris Pickett, Professor, University of East Anglia
Dr Tina Düren, Reader, University of Edinburgh
Dr Meihong Wang, Reader, University of Hull
Prof Mark Ormerod, Prof, University of Keele
Dr Valerie Dupont, Reader in LC Energy, University of Leeds
Dr Xin Tu, Lecturer, University of Liverpool
Prof Keith Ross, Professor, University of Salford
Prof Jennifer Wen, Professor, University of Warwick
Prof Martin Wills, Professor, University of Warwick
Dr Hazel Hunter, Researcher, STFC/RAL