Events at Imperial College and St Andrews to follow the signing of H2FC SUPERGEN UK-Korea MoU in Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

We are excited to announce that the UK (through H2FC SUPERGEN) and Korea will be signing a high level MOU in the area of Hydrogen & Fuel Cells on Wednesday 6th November in London. To mark the agreement of the MOU two open events at Imperial and St Andrews  will take place with the aim of stimulating further collaborations between the UK and Korea in the area:

Roundtable discussion, 6th November, Imperial College London 13:00.15:30

(Solar Room, 170 Queens Gate, London SW7 5HF)

To help prioritise areas for collaboration between the UK and Korea, a roundtable discussion will take place on Nov 6th at Imperial College London. We anticipate that funding agencies from both the UK and Korea will be present, alongside key industrialists and academics from both countries. Please contact Dr Chloe Stockford ( to attend and for more information.

Workshop, 7th November, St Andrews, 10:00-17:00

(Lower College Hall, University of St Andrews)

A technical workshop will take place at Univ. St Andrews on Thursday 7th November, comprising talks given by leading Korean and British academics/industrialists, along with discussion and networking. The agenda can be found below and the workshop booklet can be found here. To register please fill out the following form.


10.00  Registration

10:30  Welcome and Introduction (Opening Talk)

10:40 Dr. Hugh Sutherland, AFC Energy, UK

“AFC Energy: New thinking in Alkaline Fuel Cells”

11:00  Associate Prof. Gun Tae Kim, UNIST, KOR

“Active and Durable Double Perovskite Cathode for IT-SOFC”

11:20  Dr. Jung-Sik Kim, University of Loughborough, UK

“Sensor Technologies related to SOFCs”

11:40  Dr. Sung Pil Yoon, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, KOR

“Surface Modification of Sr0.92Y0.08TiO3 Anode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells”

12:00  Prof. Peter Slater, University of Birmingham, UK

“Developing New Fuel Cell Materials through Alternative Doping Strategies”

12:30  Lunch (Lower College Hall)

13:30  Prof. Jong-Shik Chung, POSTECH, KOR

“PEMFC Degradation via Pt Dissolution and Migration”

13:50  Prof. Paul Shearing, University of College London, UK

“Understanding the Role of Microstructure in SOFC Performance”

14:10 Dr. Rak Hyun Song, Korea Institute of Energy Research, KOR

“R&D Activities of SOFC Technology at KIER”

14:30  Dr. Adam Bone, Ceres Power, UK

“Low-Cost, REDOX Stable, Low Temperature SOFC for Multiple Applications”

14:5  Assistant Prof. Jung Hyun Kim, Hanbat National University, KOR

“Research Trends and Projects of Energy Devices in Hanbat Natl’ University”

15:10  Dr. David Book, University of Birmingham, UK

“Advances in Hydrogen Storage”

15:35  Coffee Break

16:00  Prof. Nigel Mark Sammes, POSTECH, KOR

“SOFC R&D Activities at POSTECH”

16:20  Dr. Gerry Agnew, Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems Ltd, UK

“An update of SOFC development at LGFCS”

16:40  Research Prof. Jae Ou Choi, POSTECH, KOR

“Activities of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test-Bed for Industry Promotion in Korea”

17:00  Prof. John T. S. Irvine, University of St Andrews, UK

“Microengineering of SOFC Electrode Interfaces”

17:30 Roundtable for Korea-UK Collaboration in Fuel Cell

Welcome Remark

UK: Prof. John T.S. Irvine (University of St Andrews)

KOR: Prof. J.S.Chung (Pohang University of Science and Technology)

1830  Close of Workshop

1900  Dinner, Rusacks Hotel, St Andrews, by invitation