Institute: Imperial College

Electrodes by design – microstructural engineering of high performance electrodes for solid oxide fuel cells

Prof. Nigel Brandon

The electrode, and the electrolyte-electrode interface, play a critical role in the performance of all cells. In Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) the microstructures of the porous composite anode and cathode are particularly critical, as they determine the electrochemical, electrical, mechanical and transport properties of the electrode, and of current distribution to/from the electrode/electrolyte interface.

Current state of the art SOFC electrodes rely on a largely empirical understanding to establish the electrode microstructure. Our prior work has established a new suite of tools and techniques that offer the prospect of moving towards a design-led approach to manufacture of improved electrodes, based on our ability to image, model, simulate and fabricate new electrode structures with controlled properties.

This proposal seeks to develop and further demonstrate our analysis and modelling tools; using design optimum structures fabricated with three novel processing techniques established by the academic team, and then measuring device performance to feedback into the design process.

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