Institute: Ulster

Integrated safety strategies for on-board hydrogen storage systems

Dr Dmitriy Makarov

This project aims to develop novel safety strategies and engineering solutions for on-board hydrogen storage. It will do this through,

  1. critical analysis of current safety strategies and engineering solutions,
  2. CFD and FEM study,
  3. experimental studies of fire resistance for prototype designs,
  4. evaluation of the mass flow-rate reduction achievable with increased fire resistance of the tank,
  5. the development of novel liner materials and engineering solutions for safe storage.

The increased fire resistance rating of hydrogen storage tanks will allow industry to decrease the exit diameter of pressure relief devices, thus reducing destructive pressure peaking phenomenon, and deterministic separation distances.

So far the project has experimentally confirmed a major increase in the fire resistance of an on-board 700 bar hydrogen storage tank, from 8 min to above 110 min.

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