Institute: UCL

Real-time H2 purification and monitoring for efficient and durable fuel cell vehicles

Prof Xiao Guo

This project aims to develop a hybrid system that has both an in-situ gas purification system to reduce H2 fuel cost for HFCs, and complex metal oxide sensors (CMOS) for real-time impurity monitoring to reduce cell maintenance costs and extend the lifetime of HFCs. The research outcome from this collaborative project can pave the way for rapid de-carbonisation of our transport system.

Already the researchers have developed,

  • Sensors measuring FC-poisonous gasses of NO2, H2S and CO at 10-250 ppb, 1-5ppm and 1-100 ppm levels respectively in air and lean oxygen environments (>0.5% O2).
  • Porphyrin-type porous polymer with iron (Fe) centers that show greater affinity to carbon monoxide (CO), so that ppm level CO can be removed from hydrogen gas.