Research Reports

Institute: Liverpool

Plasma-catalytic reforming of biogas into renewable and clean hydrogen

Dr Xin Tu (University of Liverpool)

The project aims to develop a novel plasma-catalytic process for biogas reforming at low temperatures that can deliver affordable, sustainable and clean hydrogen.

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Institute: South Wales

Biohydrogen production by fermentation and bioelectrolysis

Prof Alan Guwy (University of South Wales)

Prof Richard Dinsdale (University of South Wales)

Prof Giuliano Premier (University of South Wales)

The study is seeking to design a fully integrated biohydrogen production process using fermentation and bioelectrolysis. To date, it has shown for the first time that hydrogen yield and volatile fatty acids (VFA) in a continuous biohydrogen fermenter can be increased by using in situ electrochemical hydrogen separation, CO2 removal and VFA separation via electrodialysis.

Results of the project have been presented at the APEC Biohydrogen conference in Malaka, Malaysia Dec 2014 and at the 72nd IEA-HIA ExCo meeting, Netherlands 2015.

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