Foresight Hydrogen 2020 – Webinar Series – 22 -30 September

Foresight Hydrogen 2020 is a high-level Webinar Series that will bring together leading policy makers, project developers, innovators, researchers and key stakeholders to highlight thought leadership, promote high technology, catalyse collaboration and share investment opportunities within the Hydrogen Economy.

The webinar series will be focusing on Hydrogen Policy & Strategy, Production & Storage, Decarbonising Industry & Homes and Powering Transport. Each of the virtual events will include presentations, panel discussions, interactive features and a follow-up virtual networking roundtable.


Foresight Hydrogen 2020 – Webinar Series will include the following episodes:

 Accelerating the Hydrogen Economy – 22 September

 We are on the cusp of developing a strong Hydrogen economy. Private sector investment and government policy will enable us to breach the Hydrogen impasse and benefit from significant decarbonisation across energy systems. This webinar seeks to shape the future of the Hydrogen economy by promoting, discussing and sharing future policy and strategy enabling a Hydrogen economy to be a major differentiator for the UK’s energy, transport and industrial sectors with substantial export potential. Register

Innovation within Supply and Storage – 24 September 

Large scale production of low carbon Hydrogen has the potential to play a significant role tackling climate change and improving air quality. It’s imperative we produce Hydrogen at a range of scales with little or no carbon emissions at an acceptable cost. This webinar seeks to highlight the latest Hydrogen production and storage projects enabling the commercialisation of Hydrogen technology and practice. Register 

Decarbonising Industry and Homes – September 29th

 Hydrogen as an energy vector can support the decarbonisation of the hard to reach areas of industry and homes which equate to large contributions of carbon emissions. Large scale Hydrogen production and off-grid production can support the energy requirements of industry alongside a determination to use Hydrogen as alternative fuel within industrial and commercial activity. Hydrogen also has the ability to heat homes and provide fuel within residential environments. This webinar seeks to highlight the developments within Hydrogen fuel switching enabling the reduction of carbon emissions within industry and homes. Register

Powering Transport – September 30th

Highlighting the latest developments, strategies and opportunities within Hydrogen and Fuel Cell powered cars, buses, HGV’s, trains, planes and boats alongside infrastructure requirements. The webinar seeks to promote and advance the latest Hydrogen technology and business models to power all modes of transport. Register