Hydrogen East: Scoping a New Anglia Clean Transport Hub – Webinar, 27 October

The East Anglian Clean Transport Hub is the holding their third project workstream, which is being developed by Hydrogen East. It will take a place-based approach to identify the challenges and opportunities around the increased uptake of hydrogen and other low-carbon fuels across road, rail, shipping and agriculture in the region.

National emissions reductions in transport have lagged behind other sectors and it has been the largest source of UK emissions since 2016 (even excluding international aviation and shipping). The picture is mirrored in the local emissions data for Norfolk and Suffolk where total emissions have fallen by almost 26% between 2005 and 2018, but transport emissions have shown a small net increase in both counties across the same timeframe.

The decarbonisation potential for transport, alongside growing sustainability ambitions among local authority organisations and the upcoming ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles, makes this a prime time to review the low-carbon alternatives that could be deployed in East Anglia.

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