Recruitment: Hydrogen Specialists for Zero Emission Aircraft research

The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) project FlyZero (FlyZero project realising zero-carbon emission aviation) is recruiting for hydrogen specialists in in key roles such as energy storage.

FlyZero is a government funded project aimed at bringing together around 100 experts from industry and academia with the aim of determining:

  • The technical and commercial viability of a future zero-carbon emission aircraft design,
  • Technology and industrialisation roadmaps,
  • Assessments of the sustainability issues, the UK industrial capability, and the market and economics aspects.

Provide expert input to ensure the team explores to overall hydrogen storage design space effectively. Produce designs and undertake analysis in order to model a fuel cell system which meets the design requirements.  Help shape requirements where it may provide an advantage to the overall aircraft.

Experience should include: 

Experience of designing gaseous and liquid hydrogen storage systems, knowledge of the system integration and distribution desired. This knowledge may come from outside aerospace. Access to hydrogen storage design and analysis tools.

The project is targeted to last until end of the year with high probability of going into 2022 and the ATI can support either secondees from other companies/institutions or provide fixed-term contracts.